Randome Issues with Callers Hearing IVR

I have started having an issue with one of my systems. When a person calls in, they will get silence instead of hearing the IVR. This happens randomly. The only way I can fix it is if I restart Asterisk. Then everything will work fine for a few days and then the problem will start again until I reset Asterisk again.

Is this a sign that my hardware is failing or another issue?

A little bit of troubleshooting and here is what I found out. And, even though I have pinpointed an issue, it still makes no sense.

Inbound routes are set to look at time conditions. The time condition for open hours is set to look at a Google calendar. Open hours on the Google calendar is set to 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If the time matches, it sends the caller to a normal Open IVR. If it does not match it has a different destination.
If I change the inbound route to go straight to the IVR, it works perfectly. No issues. But if I tell it to look at the time conditions, the system answers the phone but you can’t hear the IVR playing.

Here is what makes it even more odd. If I am calling using my cell phone on the cell network, it will produce the same issue where I can’t hear anything. If I connect my phone to the office wifi and then call, it will work perfectly and I can hear the IVR.

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