Random RING Back

Using TDm style cards for POTS lines.
After an incoming call we seem to get a phantom ‘ring back’. Nothing there, but phones ring for some reason as if there were an incoming call.


You may want to research using disconnect/hangup detection options in zapata.conf

Seems to be working on AT&T lines in western TX… for now

Nope… problem still persists

I am having this same issue using a digium TDM400 with 4fxo modules. Anyone else experiencing this?

My cards are also Digium. In this case 3 modules.

I will be updating one of our 5 systems to VoIP in 1Q 2009, and will replace the card at the ‘ring-back’ location with an identical ‘working’ model (no ring backs). I wonder if it will show the issue is the TDM card itself, or if the telco is the problem?