Random Media errors when picking up from a Ring group

Hi, I am having random media errors occur on Yealink W56P phones when trying to pick up an incoming call that is ringing to a Ring Group (the phones are in the Ring Group). The user tries to answer the call and they get a Media Error shown on the phone. Also, not all phones ring in the Ring Group despite none of them being in use. An extension will ring sometimes despite the settings being set to RINGALL. Can someone suggest the best debugging process (Newbie to Asterisk) to get to the bottom of this? I have the Full log set to Verbose but I don’t see any errors when they get the media errors. My Software is running on a Sangoma system that is about 3-5 years old. The system has been updated and Asterisk upgraded to Asterisk Standard. PBX, PBX Distro 12.7.8-2112-4.sng7, Asterisk Version 16.20.0. All of the Yealink Handsets and Basses are running the latest firmware from Yealink. I have verified that the pjSIP settings are using ULAW on Asterisk and on the Yealink base. Our SIP channels are provided to us by out telco with our Asterisk PBX being NAT’d and on a private network. So on the firewall I have forwarded ports 5060-5062 udp and 10001-20000 udp to our PBX.

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