Random Inbound Calls Failing

Our client is saying that they’re getting an error message when calling in along with random customers coming back as getting a message saying the number isn’t in service. I’ve never been able to replicate this myself when I’ve called in.

I’ve reached out to our SIP Provider and they say all calls show as completed on there end, I looked at the CDR logs then to see and I do see what might be the calls they’re referring to as I see them consecutively calling in.

Version 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7

I’ve attached two screen shots from what seem to be two examples of them calling in to test it and it not completing the call.

If those are legit calls, they are coming into context from-sip-external meaning the PBX is treating them as anonymous. Your SIP trunk config needs work.

The trunks are configured per VOIP Innovations instructions, as far as I can tell; which I guess is now owned by Sangoma :wink:

I’ve attached the screenshots of the trunk

If you are using Chan-SIP, you need to set up your USER trunks for the rest of VI’s “to you” connections.

Also, in your USER section, set the trunk up as “type=user”. On your PEER section, set the trunk as “type=peer”. Friend type connections are bidirectional, and not all of VI’s connection are bi-directional.

I’ve modified User to be type=user and the peer section type=peer

This has now caused all calls to no longer be received and getting a The number you have dialed is no longer in service.

I am not sure what you mean however “you need to setup your USER drunks” for the rest of VI’s to you connections?

Could you elaborate I don’t think I’m understanding what you mean by that.


You need to set up each of these networks IP addresses as a trunk with in the Outbound PEER sections. You will need all of them (the .30 address being your primary for Conversational outbound traffic.) In practice, you should never need more than one of two of these as your outbound connections.

Next set up Origination trunks as type=user trunks:

Yes, that means you will have nine trunks, four for outbound and five for inbound,

Now, here’s the part that sucks: it is possible for VI to send you traffic on one of their Outbound addresses, which means that all of the “peer” entries should be set as “friend” entries.

On the website, they say it might be confusing. I’ve been setting these up for 20 years and I still have to look them up every time. https://backoffice.voipinnovations.com/Wiki/View.aspx?article=VoIPInnovationsSIPSignalingIPAddresses

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