Random hang ups in the middle of a call

I installed a new Freepbx 13 box at a clients and the are noticing a strange issue and it’s very intermittent. They will be in the middle of a call and it will just drop. They said they can either be talking to someone on a cell phone or land line when it will happen so it’s not like we can easily blame it other side being a cell phone.

Today was the first time I ever experienced it calling them. I called the office and the receptionist picked up I was on the phone with her for about 5 secs and then it went dead. Because of this I was actually able to look at the logs to see what happened and it looks like the phone system is getting a hangup command from some where when it does it. The phone call in question got a hangup cause: 16. Which my understanding is just a standard hangup.

Could the phone system randomly be issuing this command or is it more likely that it’s the phones doing it. I grabbed a section of the log files if you would like to see it.

And to give a little back ground they are running Freepbx and Yealink T-46s phones. This issue doesn’t seem to be isolated to a single phone either.

i assume this is happening only with external calls. SIP trunks?
Possible firewall closing ports or something maybe?

No if you are seeing a hangup cause 16 its because the SIP trunk or the phone told the PBX to hang up

Good to know I’m thinking it’s gotta be the firewall doing something weird. I’m using an existing untangle box with my sip trunks and I think that’s causing weird problems. We usually deploy with pfsense or meraki boxes but they didn’t want the added investment. I remember reading awhile back that untangle does some weird things with that. Maybe it’s time to replace that and see what happens.

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