Random failures

I have 2 freepbx distro’s. Every once in a while either one of them will simply drop a call and then there’s no dial tone. We have to reset the system for it to come back.

This is a doctors office and they are getting P.O’d. I need to figure this out asap.

Can someone please give me some direction on what to look for? Tell me what other info you need.


Not to be ugly…but you’ve provide absolutely no information on what is going on. You’ve essentially said; “It’s not working right…Why?”


I’ve provided all I can. I’m asking for help, not criticism. Tell me what to look for. You hit the nail on the head. It’s not working right…WHY?

As I said, what more information do you want? I’m happy to provide it. I just don’t know what to look for.

Pertinent call logs, software version, network details, phone types, the typical stuff that would allow us to say more than “yep sounds broke” The more details you can provide the better help from the community you can possibly get.

If this is an important client for you, then you may want to consider purchasing some support, and have our technicians look into this for you.

All of us are glad to help, we have to have some direction to look.


I’m not sure exactly what call log info to provide. I assume it’s during the time the problem occurred? Let me know and I’ll attach it. I just don’t want to slam this post with worthless info.

The rest is:

Router is an IPCOP 2.0
4 Phones per location all Grandstream GXP2200
Each PBX is connected to the other via IAX over IPSec VPN.

Let me know what else.

I forgot to add that there is a 2003 server and 7 windows xp workstations on this network as well as a wireless AP. There are also several thin clients as well running RDP. I don’t think that matters but don’t want to leave anything out.

You are leaving a lot out.

1 - What version FreePBX (or distro build /etc/schmooze/version info)
2 - What kind of trunks (and card if analog/digital)
3 - Log when call drops

I would start with putting the phones in their own VLAN

Free PBX distro 2.10
No controller cards. Only SIP trunks & IAX trunk. New Intel based PC’s. ISP is Oceanic Time Warner Business Class and SIP provider is Nextiva.

I don’t think I can do VLAN’s with IPCOP can I?

The call dropped yesterday and when that happens the girls in the office always reboot the phone server. Is there any way to get log info from the previous day after the server has been reset? If so, which log file?

Asterisk only makes one log file, the full file.

Also, no Distro version 2.10 that’s a general version, I suggest you lookup the version number if you want any help.

You have provided minimal information from the beginning and had an attitude of entitlement since you started posting. If you want help from the volunteer community I suggest you take part in it by heading over to the wiki and learning about the system, logs and logging levels.

If you don’t have time to do that I suggest you avail yourself of paid support. Then you will be entitled to help.

You can start by looking at the logs and seeing if there are any relevant logs for that time period, you may need hit the CLI for a live look, or bump up the verbosity for a bit to get a little more details on call flow. See the wiki for more details on logs http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/F2/Asterisk+Logfiles

and log settings:

Also I don’t think I would recommend them to reboot the server for a dropped call… Log files take a bit of experience to interpret, if this problem is costing you time or money you should consider hitting our tech support up for some help.

Thank you for your CONSTRUCTIVE comments recon…unlike skypukeOH.
I don’t know why he bothers to post considering he just offends people most of the time.

This is a free country and you can say what you want as long as it doesn’t violate the forum rules.

Keep in mind that Preston gets paid to do what he does, and hopefully promote the wonderful products that you use for free, and the people that take the time to write the wiki articles that you are too lazy to go lookup and Preston was kind enough to regurgitate in the forum.

If you actually took the time to go look there is a purpose to all my comments. 1) by browsing the wiki you will learn to find answers for yourself and be able to discover, manage and utilize your system fully with less frustration. 2) By using paid support strategically you free up your time and keep your system in the best possible shape.

Keep this in mind. However long I have been doing this (I think it is now past a decade), I have people working for me with similar experience, all of use are subject matter experts on some aspect of the system and my company spends thousands of dollars on Schmooze support. It’s an important part of the ecosystem.

There is a good chance you posted your message on a bandwidth and Colocation space I provide the community. It is great to be insulted on ones own dime. What a country. Perhaps if you learned a little before running your mouth.

Welcome to the forums, glad you like FreePBX. If you ever do post those log excerpts I will do my best to provide some constructive comments for you.

You are running VOIP in a “doctor’s office”, if you are in the US, are you fully aware that to be hippa compliant, you are not only required to be fully compliant, you are personally if not corporately liable for transgressions.

So before you get on your high horse, I suggest you take Scott’s advice seriously (he knows of what he speaks) , if you don’t know what you are doing, there is a legal requirement that you “fix that”, he offered you a reasonable solution.

I just reread the thread, I provided a ton of advice and no attitude. No sure what MAJR’s issue is.

Being a knowledgeable and helpful poster in this forum is a great thing and much appreciated by anyone who visits. However, being rude, self important, and arrogant is something that will piss me off fast. Pompous, arrogant, and rude answers will only get you a boat load of tongue lashings from me.

If someone asks a question here that you think is redundant, stupid, or ignorant, that’s your opinion and you should keep it to yourself. We’re not all experts and that’s why these forums exist. When you say things like “you’ve had an air of entitlement since you started posting” I just want to reach through the ol’ interweb and grab you by the throat and shake the arrogance right outta your head! What was the point of that comment??? What is the point of ALL your offensive comments??? It simply appears that you’re trying to prove how great you think you are and belittle everyone else. Honestly, no one here care’s how great you think you are.

I think it’s wonderful that you know so much about PBX’s and even more wonderful that you’re willing to share. So drop the attitude and rude comments. Maybe you should just consider all of us “special needs kids” and treat us that way. Say only kind things because we’re all just stupid and we would never get your insults anyway.

Or maybe you should picture everyone in your head as someone like me and consider how they would react if you said these things face to face. By the way, I’m 6’2" and 280# and usually angry. So I don’t think you would say these things to my face.

If you continue to insult people, this forum will dwindle and people will be afraid to post anything for fear of being ridiculed by you. I thought the idea of this forum was to promot the product, not scare people away from it.

Now I’m going to do a bunch more reading and try to post information that will help me resolve this issue. If I make a mistake or provide wrong information please feel free to point it out IN A CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER and not insulting. Forgive me for my ignorance but that’s why I’m here. This is not my area of expertise but I would like to be able to add it to my collection of knowledge. I can only do that with your help.

Maybe you should go back and read ALL your comments to me and many others. I would say you offend 1 out of 5 people who post here.

The purpose is very simple. If you are not aware that your posting is not going to get you help would you not rather know?

1 out of 5 posts is offensive? Offensive is a relevant term. This is not about me, or what I know or don’t know. It’s about availing yourself of resources to help yourself and actually spending some time at it before just dumping a question in the forum. If you don’t have time to figure it out, do what I do (and most of the people that help here), pay someone else to do it for you.

The folks that even have a clue what is going on around here spend hours researching problems. We only ask the same if you want help.

Newb doesn’t get you a free pass, it doesn’t earn you hand holding on Linux commands or any of the other skills you need to be successful in implementing an open source solution.

With over a million system up and growing at a rate of 20k install per month less than 1/10 of 1 percent of the users post in these forums. What goes on here does not in any way represent the health of the project.

We try to strike a balance between user groups such as Linux Devs or Asterisk users that just tell newbs to FO until you know something.

So the only person making personal attacks is you, I discussed, in polite non-personal terms the perception we had of your postings. If you want help from me, you better care how I perceive your willingness to participate in the process.

No I don’t want help from you Skypuke. Your self righteous verbal diarrhea is getting really old.

Just go away and let someone else who isn’t quite so arrogant help me. We’ll both be better off if you just don’t post on my threads.

So, MAJR TOM will be waiting for “ground control” for how long I wonder?