Random failure on incoming calls

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Hello, I have mounted a Freepbx version switchboard and I’m having problems with incoming calls, which randomly fail, what I notice is that they don’t get to the switchboard, could it be a provider problem?
How can I verify that the problem is not from my switchboard?


If this is an on-site PBX, behind a NAT router, the most common cause is loss of the NAT association or provider sending calls from multiple IP addresses.

If Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles shows nothing at all for a failing call, I’d first suspect that it’s not being passed by your router/firewall.

Is your trunk using registration, or IP authentication? Do you have qualify set? Router/firewall make/model? Any special settings for VoIP?

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Hi @Stewart1 thanks for the prompt reply.
It is not behind a firewall.
Nothing appears in Asterisk Logfiles.
The provider uses registry.
The control panel is mounted on a server.


Are there any log entries showing the trunk going unreachable?
If not, capture traffic with sngrep or tcpdump and see whether any INVITE packets come in for a failing call. Possibly, the packet came from an unexpected IP address or was sent to an unexpected port. If you see nothing, ask the provider to show you a trace from their end.

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Indeed, viewing the trunk logs and every so often results in 401 Unauthorized.
What could this be due to?


Which sip trunk provider are you using?

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Metrotel de Argentina

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