Random dropping of calls

Hi all.
Im a new bee in troubleshooting, so please don’t get annoyed.
My outgoing calls from dahdi analog hardware are dropping without any reason. And its not that it drops after 20 seconds, it just drops anytime it likes. Sometimes it doesn’t drop call at all.

What kind of log should i enable send you so that you can help me.
Im really sorry if im asking too much.

Hello All,

I have checked, there is a crosstalk between 2 lines. I have installed the following card in my server.
In also using hardware Echo cancellation.
When I connect 2 lines to this, I can hear what other people are talking on the other analog line. Means, that if both analog lines are in use, Line one will be able to hear what people are talking on line 2.
And this does not happen when the lines are disconnected from the server and used separately.

Any advice ?

Will anyone please help ?

Check your wiring, it sounds like a “split pair”

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