Random Dropped Calls

Yeah, I do have webmin on it, but it’s not public. Not worried about 4999 concurrent calls either, nowhere near that size of a network. Thanks for looking out though.

Oh well, never mind then.

Anybody have any other ideas? They’re still having dropped calls and I’m stumped. @bksales are those default udp timers ok?

It feels like either a router or a bandwidth issue.

  1. Do you have access to a router that is know to work in a voip environment? i am sure people on here will recommend any number of devices they have used successfully. i have used the edgemarc 4552’s, most recent sonicwall’s (the old ones work if you have the enhanced firmware), cisco asa 5505, 5510,5520, cisco 2900 series. on the lower end, i have used the cisco rv series as well. skimping on the router is not a good idea. buy cheaper phones but don’t cut corners on the router.
  2. does all your data and voice traffic go through the asus router? if not how are you managing the bandwidth to ensure that someone does not suck up all available bandwidth? simply plugging two routers into your internet modem does not do it.
  3. i would set the udp timers to be a bit higher - i am not familiar with the router you are using but my guess is that the 30 seconds should be set to something more than the qualification timer in the extension settings. if the extension qual time is set to 60, then i would set both timers (i really don’t know what the difference is between the two timers) to 300. you can always reduce it later.

Well, I had them buy this Asus router and flash Tomato firmware on it because I know it works, and works well in the voip environment. They started out with a watchguard XTM26. Which is what I felt was the problem and why we separated the data on that network and only voip on the Asus.

As far as bandwidth management, I’ve left it to the telco fiber modem since data and voip are now on different networks. I guess I can limit the amount of bandwidth the Watchguard (data network) to never exceed 35mbs of their 40mbs bandwidth.

i am assuming that either the fiber modem has two Ethernet handoffs or that you have a switch sitting between it and the data and voice routers. if that is the case, the only thing i have to offer is experience - and the experiences i have had in trying to run separate data and voice networks into a single internet connection independent of one another has been all bad, regardless of the actual internet speed. one of the challenges was how to manage inbound traffic and to always ensure that there was sufficient bandwidth for voice. this is why when you order both internet and sip trunks from a carrier they put i all through their router - that way they can manage all the traffic thus ensuring that you have good voice service. but if putting in a more sophisticated router that does traffic shaping is not an option then your only option would be to try to manage the bandwidth on your data side. assuming your data router can manage both inbound and outbound, try setting the bandwidth to something like 75% of the total measured bandwidth. if you measure 40 up and 40 down limit the bandwidth on the data side to 30/30 and see if that eliminates your dropped call issues. (did you increase the udp timers?). if it does, then you can do some fine tuning on the bandwidth. rule of thumb would be to take the measured bandwidth, subtract what you need for voice and then set your max bandwidth at 90% of this number. the trick is to reserve enough bandwidth to handle the case of abnormally high call volume. all of this assumes the cause of the dropped calls is bandwidth. have you measured the jitter and dropped packet count across your fiber?

Hi @1sae, how did you fix this problem 3 years ago? I stumbled into exactly the same issue, and any suggestion would be appreciated!

No, never did come up with a solution. They hired another firm to try and figure it out and never did. They ended up ditching FreePBX and going with a hosted product.

Hi @pceland & @1sae

did you fix this problem after couple years,
i have exactly same issue with you, don’t know what to do next,
any suggestion would be appreciaed,

Do you use the same exact equipment?

Call drops is usually caused by the firewall/router.

Also, please provide logs from a call that was dropped.

Ran into the same problem myself and after 4 days of troubleshooting, decided to go hosting as well.