Random Call Drop


I ve a FreePBX and i am experiencing the following issue.
Sometimes when i am in the IVR menu whenever i make a selection the call drops.

It can happen arbitrary in any of the selections of ivr

I ve a SIP trunk with a provider, where all the incoming calls are coming in

I ve my logs


Hi @antonis77 the log you’ve provided has a lot of calls, take a look at this guide and provide us the calltrace for the call being dropped please.


I am geting an error 487 in sngrep for this call, as well.

Sorry for the big logs.


mmm that’s not the full calltrace, try to write this on your CLI:

grep -r "C-000000c7" /var/log/asterisk/full | pastebin

Then share the pastebin URL the system will gives you.

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Since you are running this today you’ll need to grep from yesterday’s log file which is probably named full-20200518.

To find out, run

grep 1589807905.460 /var/log/asterisk/full*

See which filename it returns

Then run

grep C-000000c7 /var/log/asterisk/<filename> | pastebin

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