Random Audio drop outs, Grandstream GXP 2140

From bash



nmap -vv -sU 5060

go figure.

A little slow tonight, now I get it. From the system I got the Chris Nickel Auto. This network was an ADP setup way before me. As I think I said the IT guy is hurting because of this. I will pass this to him. He might be able to make a case to change the whole network,

Thanks Dicko

can you see what the sip server address is in one of the phones? is it 53.4? or is it a 72. address?

or better yet do a sip show peers and see what address(s) the phones are registering from

The phones are all getting 205.190.53.xx addresses and they are setup to connect to the phone system at the .4 address.

I will suggest that your network is basically F&GFd

Yeah I pretty much got that. The IT guy inherited this mess, don’t know how long ago. But from his tone he has been struggling with it for awhile. I sent him the whois and we will see if he can do anything to get the network straightened out. We will proceed with putting all the phones in a static network and use out router for all the outside trunks. That I hope will make our job easier.

it will! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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