Random apply config problem

I have a working system with V15.0.17.34 with 18 handsets and a SIP trunk and managed to develop the system really well.
I have a small issue with a randon request to apply a config change but I have not changed any settings.
The red apply config bubble is at the end of my browser url bar on any browser i connect to the server with. I first though it was due to a browser issue and have cleared history and cache etc.
If i apply the changes it stops the trunk from working and seems to make changes to the SIP settings even though they look on on the server. The SIP trunk fails to register. I have to go into the settings after and change the SIP ports to something different and then back to normal for the trunk to register again.
This happens randomly and i normally use only one browser on one PC so im a bit scared to make any changes or log onto the system due to stability.

This is typically caused by automatic system and/or module updates. If you are certain that these are all disabled, check the freepbx log files in /var/log/asterisk for a clue to the cause.

Apply Config causes Asterisk to do a config reload, which causes immediate re-registration. Possibly, your provider rejected the premature register, or your router/firewall got into a ‘poisoned’ state, kept alive by Asterisk’s aggressive retries. Setting a retry interval greater than the router’s UDP timeout will likely fix this.

If you have a static IP and your provider supports it, use IP authentication instead of registration, which completely avoids issues like this.

If you still have trouble, please post: Router/firewall make/model? Any special VoIP related settings?
Does it have a public IP on its WAN interface? If not, post details about ISP and modem/gateway. Using pjsip or chan_sip? If the latter, why?

Thank you for your reply. I will check the keep alive times and the log files as usuggested.
I dont seem to have this issue with normal changes and updates that I knowingly apply or change.

If i undertake a reboot will the pending changes be applied automatically?

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