Raid1 after the fact .. continued

reviewing how to add RAID1 to an existing V13 install…
step 1 is to install mdadm & intramfs-tools rpm’s. mdadm & vim installs but reports no package for initramfs-tools is available. is this covered under some other package?’

# cp /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img.bak is the protection copy & 'dracut' is shown in Centos6 to regenerate the ramdisk, but can it be substituted in Tony's tutorial Step 3:

# Regenerate initrd.img file
mkinitramfs -o /boot/test -r /dev/mapper/pve-root

I’m pretty much out of mu league, but help is appreciated… Thanks… Mark

Centos uses dracut to generate initram images. Converting a running system to raid is not trivial, even though it is not impossible.

In fact I converted a running SNG7 system to raid last month, and I can tell you that it is doable but you must be very careful while doing it.

If you feel out of your league, I would suggest you try this first on a different server, not the one you are using as your current PBX.

thanks for the reply. I have a clone drive of my system so I have a restore point of sorts…
I was just wanting to see if/how the older post of a conversion to RAID was update-able with the later versions of Centos & Freepbx. Mark

Does your installation uses LVM for root FS?

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