Radius AAA for FreePBX

Hi to all,

Is there any solution to connect FreePBX to radius server and it will use radius for authentication and accounting for extensions?
Commercial solution is acceptable.


None that I know of.

So I have to change the solution?

Not sure what you mean change the solution.

I mean because of my customer network structure and forces for Radius, I can’t use FreePBX.
I tried to find any thing about this topic, but I didn’t find. But now you confirmed this.

Ok. Well FreePBX isn’t for everyone.

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Just because it’s never been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be. RADIUS is a well-known and understood protocol and is WAY simpler than LDAP (which FreePBX supports). Try talking to the commercial developers and see if they can help you.

You may also be able to start the process yourself by looking at some of the old RADIUS applications and seeing what information you can expose yourself. An AGI/AMI script might be writable that can provide you with this functionality.

Also, while you’re researching, try looking for Asterisk integration projects with RADIUS. You might find that there’s a solution outside the FreePBX bubble that can get you most of the way, and then write a management page (like the one I should be writing) that let’s you adjust whatever parameters you might find are needed.

I worked with RADIUS for several different types of authentication a long time ago, and I know it used to be “The Way” to do this.

Another possibility, a new perspective perhaps, is to look and see what kind of integration you can do with LDAP and RADIUS. They share a lot of conceptual underpinnings, so there might be a way to use RADIUS to update LDAP and then use LDAP for your AAA services.