R1T1 flashing LED

I can’t remember, and was wondering if someone knew offhand

boots up, works
steady green light, and red light flashes 3x every other second.

I didn’t remember the red light flashing, when I checked the manual it says
Grn on Red 2 fast - PCI slot recognition
Grn on Red 4 fast - Loading firmware

There is no Grn on Red 3 fast - that’s what I see, I took a video, I guess it could be 4

Here’s an update for maybe someone in the future:
If I plug in a T1 loopback plug the card goes all green.

The official word from Rhino on this symptom:
"… may put the framer in a strange state. There is no official state for what you are seeing."

I replaced the whole phone server, with a new server with a new R1T1. After 3 days the new server locked up. When I got to the server, the R1T1 was showing the solid green, and 3flashes red, 1 sec pause, 3flashes red etc…

I hit the power on the server, and it booted up, inbound and outbound calls fine. The R1T1 still showing Green on, 3flashes Red.

I replaced the Dmarc, rebooted the server (by accident). The R1t1 went back to solid green.

I may open a ticket with the PRI provider.

I called the PRI carrier, and opened a ticket and had them check the voice gateway for errors. Sure enough they had a huge log of sync errors, time slips, etc… I had them reset the counters to zero.

I called them back 24hrs later to check, and now no errors. So it appears the demarc extension was bad - not bad enough it wouldn’t work, but bad enough to eventually crash an asterisk box overtime, and generate an odd undocumented error code on the PRI card.

I am going to give it a couple of days and check on it again, before I say this issue is resolved.