R.I.P Unofficial GV access

With the demise of unofficial google voice access with Asterisk/FreePBX I want to point out that you can sign up for a sipstation trial from within FreePBX.

It is my understanding you can’t port out google voice numbers but you can forward them.

If you have already had a trial or would just like to sign up for service visit https://sipstation.com

Buying products and services from Sipstation, Digium and other companies within the Sangoma family help support the continued development of Asterisk and FreePBX

edit: Based on comments by @billsimon porting out your number should be fine



I don’t think there is any issue with porting numbers away from Google. Where did you find that?


In one of the 10 billion doomsday posts I read there was a restriction. I haven’t personally tried to port one of their numbers.

I did, a few years ago, from GV to a VoIP provider. Worked fine!

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Here is a wiki article I wrote on porting GV numbers back in 2015, looks like the links to the appropriate Google Pages are still valid https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ST/Port+your+number+out+of+Google+Voice


For my small deployments, I use the pay as you go providers…for medium size deployments with consistent monthly minutes, I like to throw http://sipstation.com a bone, after all they are the backbone of this project, and the service is rock solid!


@lzcantrell Thanks for the endorsement, we appreciate your business and your commitment of giving back to help the Project. I’m not sure if it’s a good fit, but you may want to trunk out our “Trunk Groups” feature, this allows you to share call paths/trunks across multiple locations. It could be a good option for your small deployments.



  • When you first signup for a SIPStation account we create a default Trunk Group for you. Think of a Trunk Group as a unique SIP Registration. A trunk group has a unique SIP Username and SIP Password.
  • When you purchase DIDs you point 1 or more DIDs at a Trunk Group and that Trunk Group is setup to register to your PBX.
  • Inside a single SIPStation location you can have 1 or more Trunk Groups and each Trunk Group is paired with a single PBX.
  • When you buy High Volume Voice Trunks they belong to all Trunk Groups. Lets look at a example here.
    • Your Location called “ABC Company” has 2 Trunk Groups setup.
      • 1st Trunk Group is setup for the main office that has its own PBX and has 20 DIDs
      • 2nd Trunk Group is setup for the remote office that has its own PBX and 5 DIDs
      • You have purchased 10 High Volume Voice Trunks
    • Between both your Trunk Groups the 10 Voice trunks are shared meaning between both locations you can make or receive a combined 10 PSTN calls at 1 time.
    • If you wanted each location to have their own dedicated and guaranteed trunks you would setup a new Location inside the SIPStation store and not use Trunk Groups. Only use Trunk Groups when you want to share the Voice Trunks with more than 1 location.

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