Does anyone know of a way to be able to connect to the QXact sql. I have spoken to sangoma who have said it cannot be done. The problem I have is that there is a default setting that clears the reports every 90 days this setting is in part of the console that has a big warning above all the settings saying these settings can seriously damage your system or words to that affect so we didn’t look any further now we want to run some reports from previous months so wanted to try and extract the data.

Thanks in advance

You can safely change the 90 day limit in Advanced Settings.

Hi Lorne,
Unfortunately that isn’t the question I asked. I know where the setting is now but I need several months back of reports that QXact does. Or is there another way I can report on how many calls was answered, unanswered by agent or caller per day per month ?

I can’t tell what your question is. Asterisk logs queue events to the file /var/log/asterisk/queue_log, which is rotated daily and purged monthly. QXact runs a cron task that extracts the records from the flat text file and adds them to the MySQL tables: asterisk.qxact_calls. The queue events remain in this table for the specified data retention period. If your goal is to restore old queue call data, you need to restore it from backups and somehow piece it back together.

Hi Lorne,
That wasnt the answer I was hoping for. It sounds like more development needs to go into this and maybe move the setting for 90 retention out from under the critical settings page ? your phrase “somehow piece it back together” doesnt give me much confidence, maybe sangoma should document a process on “somehow piecing back together”.

If there is something specific you need addressed (more specific than ‘more development’) or if you have a suggestion for a better location in the GUI for the retention period, feature requests are accepted at http://issues.freepbx.org/

I am pretty confident someone with decent SQL knowledge could re-import old data from backups into the existing tables in such a way that records are not duplicated. My wording reflects the fact that I made no attempt to try.