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I just purchsed the QXact Reports module and I am trying to setup some reports. I have a problem where the “Select Agents” option on the main page shows me the names of all my current agents but ALSO the names of agents (people) who no longer work for the company. How can I delete the old people out of this box?
I have checked that there names arent listed anywhere else on the system. I also checked the “queue show” command and manually removed a couple that had been left logged on after they had been deleted but nothing seems to affect it.
I dont mind purging any old queue data and starting fresh but I would rather not delete the existing queue programming if possible.


I guess no one else has ever experienced this issue?

I dont really think I should have to buy paid support since I have already paid the license for Queue reporting?

Wow… this issue is definitely getting ignored. Not a good sign :confused:

What issue. Forums are not a bug reporting system. If you find a bug open up a bug report at issues.freepbx.org.

Come on really ? Did you even read the first two posts ?

Yes again no where does anyone mention a ticket being filed. You are saying we are ignoring a issue and my response is if you find a bug report the bug and a Dev will look at it. Bug reporting is free.

QXact generates reports from the contents of a MySQL table (the name eludes me at the moment) that contains the queue call records. If there are records in this table under old names, then the option will be presented to generate reports with those names. The retention period (defined in advanced settings) determines how long the data stays in the tables, so eventually old records will expire, at which time QXact will stop presenting the names in the GUI.

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Awesome reply. Thank you for the great support! To Tony… you have much to learn about dealing with people.

I am sorry you feel that way. You were complaining that something wasn’t fixed and I asked if you had a bug report as that is how things would get fixed that are a bug. In this case it works the way it’s supposed to.

To be fair Tony, I didn’t think it was a bug, more a lack of knowledge on my part, hence why I didn’t raise a ticket. It was more a question about the functionality of the module and I had a question that I couldn’t find the answer to from searching or reading the manual. If I raised a bug, then it would no doubt be closed and told that this was not an issue and to ask a question in the forums. Igaetz supplied the required info, so thanks very much. I have changed the data retention to 7 days and will wait to see if this removes the old agents listed. If it turns out that this still doesnt clear the old agents, I’ll raise a ticket.
Thanks, Kevin

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