Qxact data retention - Modify 90 Day Retention Period

I need to increase the retention period. I do not see a place to modify this value. Does anyone have any tips?


Data Retention
Q-Xact Reports is designed as a report generator for recent queue calls and events, and not designed to be an historic record of queue call data. Queue event data retained by default for 90 days, after which time it is purged. The retention period can be changed in Advanced Settings.

Settings, Advanced Settings:

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I’m using FreePBX

Reports > Queue reports:

  • URL shows qxact-reports: …/admin/config.php?display=qxact_reports

Advanced Settings is missing “QXact Reports” or “Data Retention”

Admin > Module Admin > click check online for Standard, Extended, Commercial

  • No QXact Reports listed

Maybe I’m getting modules mixed up here. Ultimately, I want Reports > Queue Reports to expand the number of days info is stored.

Thanks for sharing that snapshot.

This version has been EOL for years. That feature probably does not go back that far.

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