Quintum asm200

hi everyone

I have an asterisk server on trixbox with a sangoma a200 card . I have added a quintum asm200 to server. I have configured it but now i have only call between extensions and I cant call to outbound.am i need definite a trunk on freepbx? how can i know asm200 to asterisk server?thanks in advance

Here’s the product support page from Quintum

We need more information. What do you mean by “now i have only call between extensions and I cant call to outbound”?

Are the extensions the ones directly connected to the asm200? It does sound like you will have to create a SIP trunk between the ASM200 and Asterisk from the documentation. Or maybe try just creating a SIP extension and have the asm200 register to it’s extension number and secret using the Tenor Configuration Manager.

hi everyone

I have sangoma a200card and quintum asm200. i have made sip trunk and outbound routing for communication between asterisk and tenor asm200. i can call to outbound from tenor and i can call to asterisk’s extensions from tenor but i cant call from asterisk’s extensions to tenor. i want to my asterisk sever control tenor. in this situation feature code doesnt work from tenor.what shoud i do?