Quick request - time conditions in ARI

Not a bug and I already posted this request to the trac, I feel this would make the 2.3/4 ARI client SOOO complete, it would be like kismet.

Add a time condition option to the personal follow me settings in the ARI

  • then users can control what times a call is sent where.

If time = true> send to list of extensions / external numbers,

if time = not true> send to 2nd list of extensions / external numbers, or
leave 2nd list blank to only ring the user extension.

great job on 2.3!!! - dont know how you guys can do it.

you need to post feature requests in the bug tracker as trac feature requests or they will quickly be forgotten. (although this one has been a long standing one on the eventual list of things to do - whether it’s in there or not).

I posted it to the track the other day.

Philip - thanks for your help on that login issue - it was the PC :wink: