Quick Release Candidate and OTTS Space Still Available

We usually have quite a few beta sites up before moving to a release candidate but having over 10,000 beta systems out there is a bit of a record:) … maybe a little embarrassing that we did not ‘deem’ it release candidate quality some time ago. With all that said though, we have now rolled the release candidate and given how heavily 2.11 has been tested and is in production, it’s simply a formality and we should be moving to final release within a week or so!

The 2.11 release has been a bit of a ‘victim’ of feature creep which has caused a somewhat perpetual cycle. As time went be we added features ranging from the new popOver ability to many new modules ranging from Motif (google voice) to a DAHDi configuration to the commercial endpoint manager and the list goes on. As these features and new modules kept pouring in we of course kept prolonging the beta cycle. It’s important to us when we say something is production ready, it really is … even though over 10,000 of you seem pretty happy with what’s there:)

For those of you running 2.10 and prior, never fear, we’ll release the 2.10 to 2.11 upgrade tool tomorrow which will give you easy GUI access to migrate your 2.10 and prior systems.

OTTS Training at Digium Headquarters

Tony blogged about the upcoming training at Digium Headquarters in Huntsville, AL where we will also be conducting the first Certified Reseller Program Testing for those interested in doing such. Whether interested in that or not, the class will continue its legacy of detailed in depth FreeBPX and Asterisk training that has been so well received. Also, with 2.11 just behind us, here’s you chance to try and convince us of that next feature that you really want to see happen in the upcoming release, over drinks maybe:)

For now, we hope to see you in Huntsville. There’s still space available but the training facility is smaller then others we’ve done classes at so we will be limited once capacity is reached!

Philippe - From the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!