Quick Question (to help with my language barrier)


in a nutshell:
i installed AsteriskNOW with FreePBX, and i dont know how to set up a service number, wich, if called, to a certain group of Telefones. Much like a mini ACD Server. Since i am from germany and english is not my native language, i have no idea what this is called. maybe Service Number? or Routinggroup?

long version:
Hallo. I am Ole, and i am new here. I am a Trainee in an IT Department. I am currently working on a Project to change our Office Phone System.

I stumbled uppon Asterisk (of course) and that lead me to FreePBX. I installed AsteriskNOW on an isolated Network, with an DHCP Server, one client PC and three “Siemens Openstage 60” VoIP Phones. Everything worked fine pretty quicky. i added three extensions and got the phones and the server connected. they can call, and redirect. its great. :slight_smile:

Now for our IT department, we have an internal Hotline. And it automaticly redirects the call to one of our office Phones. i bet this is very easy, but since i am very new to the whole VoIP-SIP-Gateway-trunk-extension-holymoly, i could realy use someone to send me in the right direction.

Thanks upfront for the help! :slight_smile:



Ring group is what you need.

Asterisk Now is not a good choice. Use our distribution or PBX in a flash.