Quick question about Trunk and Ext combo

Is there anyway to setup ext dialing when external calls come into the system? By simply dialing the full 11 digit number and the ext which will then go directly to the extension. Someone dials 12195555555211 ext being 211 system takes the call and moves it right to ext 211.


In the US and other countries with fixed length numbers, this is not possible; the caller’s phone company will only accept 7 digits after the area code.

You could set up an incoming number that just prompts “Extension?”; the caller would then key in the 3-digit extension number.

Alternatively, you can buy SIP trunks with “virtual PRI” style pricing. Numbers are cheap but channels are expensive. For example, a system with a block of 100 incoming numbers that needed 5 concurrent incoming calls might cost ~$20/mo. for the numbers and ~$60/mo. for the trunks, totaling $80, with no additional charge for incoming calls. Outbound calling would be separate, from the same or a different company.

send the incoming calls to a custom context:-

exten => s,1,Goto(from-internal,${EXTEN:-3},1)

It would then also honor IVR’s,RG etc. conveniently numbered to the last three digits of your DID’s

oops, misread the number of digits, send the inbound calls to disa maybe? (use ext-local as the disa context to prevent misuse)