Quick install of Asterisk and Freepbx

Hi I’m new here so forgive me if this has been post before.
Basicaly I have been a Trixbox and Axon(windows) fan for a while, not being a linux person I like to stick to GUI’s as it is ‘easier’ to use. After coming to terms with the linux basics ’ (not disfamiliar with my old DOS days of the late 80’s and early 90’s)’ I decided I was confident enough to nano any conf files and find my way through the various folders within the Linux distro I was running, anyhoo I decided it was time to try a remote Install of Asterisk and FreePBX using the install walkthrough’s that are posted on FreePBX.org and variuos other forums.
Now I don’t know what was happeing or going wrong but I just could not get the Damm PBX box to work, even after 6 attempts. So I thought about it for a while then decided there must be any easier way to install this PBX combo via a script or something… Finally I came accross aposting by Preston Moore who had written a script to do just that. I have tried the script which install Asterisk 1.2x and FreePBX2.2.2 along with the much needed addons to facilitate a comprehensive PBX. After install FreePBX can be updated to the Latest version using the method found on FreePBX.org, regarding the Asterisk this too can be updated via the recommendations at the Asterisk website or by the upgrade methods you already use. I have tried changing the various software versions within the script but to no avail so if anybody wants to download the script and have a play then PLEASE do so. there are two files one is installguide.txt (instructions for the installation) and the other is pbx.txt ( the install script) which can be download at http://www.re-boot.info/txt/installguide.txt http://www.re-boot.info/txt/pbx.txt

If anybody can add or improve on this it would be very appreciated by quite a few people…Please re-post any updates or improvements as a reply to this message …many thanks in advance…