Quick functionality question


The system I’m trying to set up is as follows:

  1. Customer calls.
  2. Customer enters passcode to continue call.
  3. Customer chooses person to speak to from 10 options.

Seems simple, but does FreePBX or any other service have a passcode option?

Many thanks

You can use the application DISA or create it by editing the dialplan.

Create an IVR and identify its number (i.e. IVR-2)

Create a DISA and use that context.

To get the best out of your system, I would suggest you read the wiki a few times . . .

Thanks, the wiki is a big help, I’m about to plunge into it. Could you just let me know - if outside users call in to the pbx, and the pbx directs their call to an outside agent, will the payment for the call still be on the initial outside user?

Many thanks./

Depends on your pricing structure but probably both of you will pay, Asterisk is a back-to-back user agent, calls are a bridge of at least two seperate channels/calls.

By pricing structure, do you mean that I could charge higher rates to cover the outgoing connection? - or is there another way of reducing outgoing call costs. Thanks a lot.

All calls cost somebody money, you will ultimately cover that cost plus the vendors profit margin, I suggest you shop around after estimating your inbound/outbound minute usage and find a VSP that best meets your needs at a cost you are happy with. Quality of service however is something you can only discover by experiencing that vendor.

Basically very large or very small usage is usually better done with a “cost per minute” service, you then only need to add DID at a couple of bucks a month, domestic service usually has a quite a high per month cost but includes a limited number of inbound/outbound minutes, be careful of the often hidden “soft-caps” and don’t pretend you are a domestic user if you are not as they will almost certainly discover that and back-rate all your service to a commercial plan.