Quick FaxPro pre-sales question

We’re looking at the faxpro module for our faxing.

Can someone tell me, do we need an analogue card for this, or can we just nominate a DDI over our SIP circuit as the fax number for Faxpro to receive faxes on?

I’d prefer not to have to renew our analogue circuits which are now only used by our fax machines.


Fax Pro doesn’t do anything with routing, you can route incoming SIP DID/Trunks to a fax extension for receiving faxes, or for sending a fax you can set a prepend to route your faxes out a specific outbound route. Incoming faxes via SIP Trunks are fairly reliable (I recommend using dedicated DID’s as fax detection isn’t 100%) How much outbound faxing are you doing?

WIKI FaxPro article: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/Fax+Pro

Outgoing faxes? Ermmm really not very much. We only need to provide the feature ‘in case’. The reality is we might send one a year. With regards to receiving faxes well, maybe about 1 a week.

So, if we use FaxPro we don’t need anything else to get inbound or outbound faxes working?


Well The FreePBX Distro already includes the ability to receive incoming faxes via email to a Extension/Fax Receipent’s Fax Pro will add the ability for your users to view the incoming faxes stored on your server via the User Panel (ARI) and send faxes via the same web interface, as well as custom coverpages, etc.

I’ve installed and use FaxPro on a couple of FreePBX systems and the ability to see inbound faxes in the user portal and send faxes from the user portal is great. All works really well on top of the standard FreePBX fax handing.