Quick Call Parking


I need a small help (I hope).
Currently to park a call I have to dial ##700.
Is there a way to make this simpler by just dialing 2 during the call?

Thank you,

Take a look at the “Feature Codes” listing. You can customize the code by un-checking the Use default and entering your own.

In “Features Codes” you can customize only ## prefix but not the whole string ##700.

What I did is the following:
In “features_applicationmap_custom.conf” file I added the below line:
parkmycall => 2,self/both,macro,parkcall

and in “globals_custom.conf” I added the following text:
exten => s,1,Park(701)

So, when I press 2 during the call, I hear the message that the call is parked, but on the other side, the line disconnected.

Please help.

No more help!!!