Queues with Mobile number

Dear Team,

I have installed freepbx 13.

I have created queue and my agents phone number i have put as static agents and when the call is coming in to queue am getting the calls on the mobile number also.

Presently when ever the call come the agent will get the call one after another…
Instead of getting different calls …is there any option where i can keep my agents get call once(only for first call) and after the call the other calls which are coming has to patch to the existing call instead of getting a new call.

Kindly suggest …

you may check with this:

Ring Strategy
ringall: Ring all available agents until someone answers (default). If using penalties, all agents will start with a penalty of 0 for the defined ring time as defined in the “Agent Timeout” setting below. Then all agents with a 1,2,3 and so forth.
leastrecent: Ring agent who was least recently called by this queue.
fewestcalls: Ring the agent with the fewest completed calls from this queue.
random: Ring random agent.
rrmemory: Round robin with memory (remember where we left off last ring pass).
rrordered: Same as rrmemory, except the queue member order from config file is preserved.
linear: Rings agents in the order specified (for dynamic agents in the order they logged in).
wrandom: Random, using the member’s penalty as a weighting factor.


I am not asking for Ring Strategy

i need if my agent can be logged into queue with call …and when ever the call comes in queue the instead of making a new call to agent the existing call could able to patch with customer call.

It is a good feature, but it is hard to handle that. Unless the agent always be there with idle status or before send the call to the agent, system has to check the availability of the agent.

Nope. Asterisk is a back-to-back user agent and can’t patch a call away from itself. It will always remain in the call.

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