Queues, what table is the dynamic miners stored?

I can’t find where the dynamic members are stored, I checked wueues_details, queues_config, and nothing.

It you can assist I’d appreciate it, can’t seem to find in any tables.

Sorry for the spelling errors, typing from my phone. Basically static members of the queues show up in queues_details table, but my dynamic queue members do not, so trying to find the table where those entries are stored. Thanks!

I can’t find this anywhere, and don’t know where freepbx pulls the info from. When I go to the Queues module, it lists my dynamic members… But I can’t find any table that stores it…

So I thought, ok, maybe freepbx is doing an asterisk manager call to retrieve this… Well, can’t find an asterisk manager call that shows the dynamic (NON LOGGED IN) members.

Help Please!

That is all stored in the astdb.

After some digging, I traced down this code to get it.

global $db,$astman,$amp_conf;

      if ($astman) {
                    $account = $queueid;
                    //get dynamic members priority from astDB
                    $get = $astman->database_show('QPENALTY/'.$account.'/agents');
                            foreach($get as $key => $value){
                            foreach($mem as $mem => $pnlty){
                    } else {
                    $results['dynmemberonly'] = $astman->database_get('QPENALTY/'.$account,'dynmemberonly');
            } else {
                    fatal("Cannot connect to Asterisk Manager with ".$amp_conf["AMPMGRUSER"]."/".$amp_conf["AMPMGRPASS"]);

$results[‘dynmemberonly’] will hold it’s value.