Queues, the calls to free agents

I 've got a problem with my queues. I configured three queues with autofill, but when an operator becomes free, he gets the third or fourth call. In the manual i read that an operator should get the first call from the queue. where can i find a mistake?.

Please explain a but more in detail.

The agent is in all 3 queues? Are there any penalties? The 4th caller (4th position) is the one that rings?

I’ve got 3 queues and 10 operators (q1=8 operators, q2=8 operators(the same), q3=5 operators(3 old and 2 new)). The weight of the queues are q1=1,q2=2,q3=1. autofill=yes.penalty-no. Sometime if 4-8 calls in the queue (for example q1) and only 1 free agent, he gets the call number 3 or 4 or 5 (randomly), but should gets the call number 1 (the oldest). It was ok 2-3 weeks ago. I use freepbx14 + fop2 + asternic.

ring strategy-rrmemory, if change ring all - all fine!

apparently, autofill selects the random calls

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