Queues stop and start ringing for same call


Playing around with Queues. We have set it up to ringall phones in the queues. What is happening and I cannot seem to stop it, as when a caller is in the queue, the phones will ring as they should. The phones will then stop ringing (although the caller is still in the queue). If call announcements are made the phones don’t ring through this. Then all the phones start ringing again and so the loop continues.

The every time the phones stop ringing the phone lists it as a missed call, so for the one caller in the ring group, may show as 5 missed calls on the phones.

Ideally what I want is this:

Call gets put into a queue.
Callers get MOH with announcements for up to 1.5 minutes
All phones in the entension list for the queue ring for the 1.5 minutes or until someone picks up.

Is this possible or am I going about this the wrong way?

Using TB 2.2, Linksys SPA922, SPA901 phones.

If you want it to ring the extensions non-stop, change the Agent Timeout variable to Unlimited. This should cause a constant ringing until they are picked up.

Am I correct or will the MOH and announcements not come through until the Agent Timeout occurs (which is never on Unlimited).

The extension will still stop ringing after it’s own timeout is hit, or the queue’s agent timeout. So you will need to increase the extension’s ringtime as well which may not be desirable.

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kelvins: unlike many other pbs’x, i dont think that asterisk offers the option to ring the agents while the “commercials” or announcements are being played back. This asds a certain amount of professionalisms, as an agent will never “interrupt” the announcement. Rather he will be forced to wait till the end of the announcement (until asterisk re-rings his phone).

On the flip side, this can also make a company look bad as it increases the wait time for the customer…