Queues: replace call position announcement recordings

We have been about to fully customize our queue with our branded voice artist however - the only recording that i’m missing are the caller position announcements.

“Your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available agent. Thank you for your patience”
“you are currently caller number {digit} waiting to speak with a representative, Thank you for your patience”

Any insight on where/how I can replace these?
The file appears to be :
queue-thereare.ulaw queue position queue-thankyou.ulaw

Also, in the queue callback, during call back if the caller does not press 1 to accept the call after three times, then incoming-call-no-longer-avail.slin is played. Can we change that too? or just hang up instead of playing that back?

/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/ is where they all live - if you are creating the recordings to be drop-in replacements, put the files in that folder and they will be utilized.

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