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Hi guys,

More educational question than technical. I’m running support company; I have one support engineer.

I’m thinking to add a queue so when client calls and engineer is on the line, client is greeted and prompted to wait in the queue.

Now, what does login-in/out have to do here? Is it required? How to do when engineer is outside with phone app. That’s main issue/concern.


If the engineer is not logged into the queue, the queue will have no agents , so under that condition have the queue fail over to wherever you want

Logging in/out of a queue allows agents to start/stop receiving calls from that queue. It is done with a *45 code.

I see.

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So, say he’s on the field with soft-phone, then he has to remember to dial that code for queue to have an agent? Is there an auto login way?

Some softphones have the ability to save a BLF contact so he won’t necessarily have to remember a code. Otherwise if he should be answering calls during specific times of day you could add him as a static agent to a queue and setup a time condition.

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Ok thank you, I will explore those options.

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