Queues Pro not following weighted agents

I updated the ticket and bug report, but still not a peep from Sangoma, which is concerning, because we are being heavily impacted.

Freepbx 16.0.40 / Asterisks 18.16 latest version, latest updates.

[FREEPBX-24175] Dynamic Queue Members with Penalties Are Ignored - Sangoma Issue Tracker

Hi Com Tech,

This issue has been fixed with the latest vqplus (16.0.21) module.

Update to the latest version of the vqplus module, create the new queue and then give it a try pls.

If you want to use the existing queue then change the Queue max penalty value according to your agent penalty configuration.


This sounds very similar to the issue I posted several years ago.

I put my workaround in the forum post:
Queue Penalty Rules - Commercial Modules - FreePBX Community Forums

Thank you for this @comtech

To pay it forward, next time an issue like this comes up, open a bug report so it can get fixed. All I did was post a bug report, anyone on here, including you, can do this. Infact if no one did this, it is likely nothing would be fixed as of yet.

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