Queues Pro, hung up destination

Hi there,

We have bought the queue pro package for the ability to use the hung up destination. This is working fine.

We have another brand of pbx in the company at a remote location. For one of the queues on the freepbx we would like to be managed by the remote pbx. So we have set up a ‘huntgroup’ on the remote system and in the queue we have that off system extension number as an agent. The queue functions well, but the hung up destination does not work.

I know the information on hung up destinations say “Destination to send the caller to upon the agent hanging up the call, often used to send a caller to take a post call survey. This functionality requires the agent to be a normal extension and the Agent Restrictions to be set to either “Extensions Only” or “No Follow-Me or Call Forward”.” So that is why this is not working.

However before I give up, I thought I should as the community, just in case.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

No guarantees, but you might be able to fool VQ Plus into thinking the remote extension is local by creating a local extension of type ‘custom’ and using a dial string of:

 local/[email protected]

where the x’s is the dial string of the remote device. Then remove the remote extension from the queue agent list and add the new custom extension.


Thank you that has worked!

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