Queues on a release

we wonder that QUEUE is not in the menu of our new FreePBX
is it a module that we have to download separately?
is a a module inside the release and if, how can we activate it?

you have to download it from the Module Admin online repository, and you probably want to upgrade to 2.6 or 2.7 as 2.5 is out of support and if you are starting fresh (as it sounds like) you may as well start current…

we didnt set up the new system by ourselfs, because we are heavy busy. So we gave our new hardware to a systemhouse and get it back with the 2.5x release ;(.
what should we do with the systemhouse, may some hits on the head can help?(at least, it helps me to cool down)
happy weekend

you can have them update it, you can update it, you can contact FreePBX paid support and pay them to do it, or …

Dear Phillipe,
I have no time spending in companies that are not firm in asterisk themes.

So i thing it may be the easiest way to let the paid support do the update. On the other hand, what do they have to know about our configuration needs?

Does it fit at this way:

  • update to newest stable release with
  • installing QUEUE module with 1 sample queue
  • installing fax funtionality with 1 sample account
    based on a digium quad Board (no single ISDN Card installed)

Best regards Hartwig

The support team can help you with all of that.