Queues not working

Version Summary

Asterisk 1.4.15

The freepbx queues were once working fine with all the available ring strategies like random, roundrobin, rrmemory, leastrecent & fewestcalls.

But suddenly one day my freepbx reports stopped to work and there was no data being inserted in to the mysql db and i cant take the reports for the calls made. Then after searching the forum i found that the cdr_addon_mysql.so file was not found in my server and thats the cause for the cdr problem and im still wondering how does it vanish.

But my second problem is the time when my cdr stopped working, my queues also started to work improperly. For example i have the following static extensions in my queue 113,111,104,114,115,112,105,103,102,101 and ring strategy is set as rrmemory. But when the call comes in to the queue only the following extensions were ringing 114,113,105,104,101 and also each time it starts from 114 where i think it should ring where it left off last time.

Should i assume that this queue problem happens because of the mysql problem.

Can someone please help me to find a solution for this?


Can someone please help me on this?


Can someone please help me on this?


It seems that you (or someone else) have done something to your install.
You wrote that your CDR suddenly stopped and you was missing the cdr_addon_mysql.so, that file can not vanish by itself so someone had to remove it or someone upgraded Asterisk and forgot the add-ons.

Your queue issue is not related to the cdr.
Do you have any knowledge about doing a trace on your system in Asterisk CLI? That would be the first stop in fault finding.

Do a sip show peers to see if all extensions have registered. If not, start looking at that.

You also run a very old version of FreePBX (2.4) that is out of official support.

Sorry, I can’t help you any further, if you really need help I suggest that you contact the paid Support

Is this system connected to Internet? If it is, check that it is protected by a firewall and check your system so that it is not hacked and used to make phone calls on your expense.