Queues Join Empty no/strict does not appear to work

I am trying to setup a queue, and I have 2 static agents setup (2001,0 & 2002,0) and I have tried setting Join Empty to No and to Strict, and in both cases the caller is still allowed in the queue when both extensions 2001 and 2002 are completely offline (not even registered).

I would think that the system would see that both static agents are ‘offline’ and therefore not allow the queue to be joined, since there are no agents available.

Am I missing something or do I just not understand how this works!


Which version of FreePBX?

Sorry, forgot to mention that… using v2.7.0.2

FreePBX uses the “Local Channel” to access the agent.

The state of this is not the same as the state of the associated device. There are a few options. You can use the specific SIP device by putting S2001 for your agent.

When doing this, there is some functionality that you will lose. You also want to make sure that your Agent Restrictions are set to Extensions Only.

Another alternative, if you are running Asterisk greater than 1.4.25, then you should upgrade to FreePBX 2.8 which will use the SIP extension state automatically to detect the device state.

Or … for the most flexibility, have a look at the article Heavy Queue Usage in FreePBX which has a lot of relevant information.

OK, thank you… that is very helpful information.

Using FreePBX v2.7.0.5 & Asterisk v1.4.18 (upgrade is not an option).

I have just been using a Ring Group with Ringall strategy for a while, because I have not been able to get queues to work like I wanted. Even putting an S in front of extension number (Static Agents) does not help… DND is completely ignored in both cases, and callers get joined to queue no matter what.

I also cannot get *11 to work with dynamic agents (don’t know what I am doing wrong).

Anyways, Ring Groups work almost exactly as I need except it is missing the Round Robin Memory strategy. Could this strategy be adapted to Ring Groups?

Where can the round robin code be found and where is the ring group code?