Queues Issue

Hello there. I have a freepbx installation with one queue with six members.

I have a couple of problems.

I wish to have a roundrobin strategy( using priority or similar) so that I can say ring extensions in the following order. eg.


I would like if an extension was only called if it was not busy. At the moment each extension rings, particularly the first in the list(202) and the person on 202 keeps getting a beep notification of another call coming through.

I would also like the queue to loop back to the start.

Also there seems to be an issue that when a remote caller hangs up, the queue maintains the trunk(zaptel pstn, sangoma) open. It does not do this in a ring group! In a ring group it hangs up as it should.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Is the above possible?

One other issue. If I was to add an external number to the list, if that is not answered, could the queue continue?

Thanks again


First of all I’d like to give my thanks to the free PBX team regarding this wonderful Software.

However, during my exploration of the software, I encountered haveing problems with my queues wherein callers get stuck eventhough available extensions are open. Also, all of a sudden ring back tone can not be heard by the callers using a traditional phone.

Please advice on how to resolve this. Thanks