Queues for oubound SIP trunks?

I have my FreePBX setup so that incoming calls goto IVR and after the user selects option ‘4’ their call is sent to DISA where they get a dialtone and dial a number. This trunk that I have setup will allow only 1 channel/simultaneous call.

My question is that how can I have additional callers into this IVR option ‘4’ be put on hold with MOH and then get pushed through DISA (through the trunk I have setup) once the caller has disconnected their call?
Queue functionality does this but the user/extension has to login to pick the call; whereas in my case, the call is connected to a SIP trunk to make an outbound call and pushed through the trunk through DISA (unless there is a much better way to achieive this?)

Also, can I use the absolutetimeout() to restrict this call time on FreePBX and which option could I use? Do I enter this function in the trunk?

Thank you!

Then when the DISA hangups up, check the park queue to take the next caller. I haven’t done this before but it sounds like it might work.

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