Queues & DND

Running asterisk 11, freepbx 12, and a yealink T38G.

When a call comes in, it gets routed through two queues (ring groups would be more appropriate, really, but the two agents in the queue wanted missed calls to not get marked on their phones if the phone was answered by the other one, and only queues support this feature, afaik). First queue rings for 7 seconds, then fails over to another queue with some more people in it, then hits an auto attendant.

The setup works fine, except when one of the agents puts their phone on ‘do not disturb.’ Then, the queue does not ring at all, and instead goes directly to a voicemail box (Not sure who’s, I’ve requested more info on this, but haven’t heard back yet, if its important; best guess is the agent who’s phone is in dnd). Obviously not what we’re looking for; that person just doesn’t want to receive calls, and they want the other people that are supposed to be in the queue to pick up.

Is there a way around this, so when she goes into DND the rest of the queue rings as normally?

I haven’t used this feature, but I have two suggestions that might help.

  1. Have the user log in and out of the queue instead of using DND.


  1. Change Agent Restrictions to “No Follow-Me or Call Forward.”

The latter may well solve your problem, but I have not tested it.

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Excellent call, AdHominem. I changed the agent restrictions to “No Follow Me or Call Forward,” users now report that the system works as desired.