Queues & Cancel Reason Answered elsewhere

Hi Community,

I’ve been using FreePBX for 2 years now, trying to solve my difficulties with forums and wikis.
I tried to look for my issue with search tool & Googled for monthes about it…

Config :
FreePBX 2.10 up to date
Asterisk 1.8.11
Phones : Grandstream GXP2110 up to date

the CANCEL Reason “Answered elsewhere” works fine with ringgroups + ringall strategy but not with queues + ringall strategy.

Indeed, when I place a call to ringgroup with 2 ext and I get answered by one extension, my call is NOT marked as missed on the other one.
Same test with queue with 2 same ext, then the call is marked missed.

There is an option to force the “Answered elsewhere” for Queues, but then if the call is not actually answered, it doesn’t get marked missed anywhere.

I read contradictory info on the net and would like to know whether I can hope it to work as I would like it to or not !

Thanks in advance for help.

Seems like a Asterisk bug to me. Just did a quick test and see the same things.

Hi Tony,

Tks a lot for fast feedback. What should I do then ? Open a bug track to Asterisk ?

They might already have a closed “no-bug” about it :

But I’m not sure it deals about the same issue.

Thanks again :wink:

Hi all,

Could someone give me some advice about what to do in such a case ?

Tks again :wink:

Looking at the Asterisk ticket, they say that to get this to work the ‘c’ option needs to be set in the Dial Options of the underlying calls made to each queue member.

We are not doing that, we are setting the ‘C’ options in the call to Queue(). Why don’t you open a ticket on that in our tracker or if there is already one open let us know which ticket it is and we can have a look.

If someone can verify that putting the ‘c’ option in the underlying Dial() commands that go out to queue members addresses this, we can try to come up with the dialplan that would correct this and fix the issue.

I just tested this and whether or not I put ‘C’ (choose the Option to marked cancelled elsewhere) I’m not getting missed calls on my tests (using some Aastra phones). The current test system is Asterisk 11.2.1. I can see in the CANCEL SIP messages being sent back to the phone that it is being marked as answered elsewhere.

If this is still an issue, please open a ticket in the tracker (as I may not see responses here). I’ve looked at the code and have some ways we can propagate a ‘c’ down to the dial options of the underlying calls to the agents but since I’m not having the problem on the current test setup I have access to, I don’t have a way to reproduce the issue and thus solve it. If you open a ticket I can provide a patch and if your testing shows that we can fix this we can look at getting that done.