Queues: Callers stuck in queue when calling just before closing time

I see this was posted before, but no answer given

Sometimes a caller will call just before closing, then if staff is unable to answer the call before closing time, the caller will be stuck waiting until max hold time.

I am not seeing anything in the queue menu to address this.

never mind: found it

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for those who find this i believe the OP found the ‘leave empty’ , its on the capacity options tab ~

it’s described as follows:
Determines if callers should be exited prematurely from the queue in situations where it appears no one is currently available to take the call. The options include:

* Yes Callers will exit if all agents are paused, show an invalid state for their device or have penalty values less than QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY (not currently set in FreePBX dialplan).
* Strict Same as Yes but more strict. Simply speaking, if no agent could answer the phone then have them leave the queue. If agents are inuse or ringing someone else, caller will still be held.
* Ultra Strict Same as Strict plus a queue member must be able to answer the phone ‘now’ to let them remain. Simply speaking, any ‘available’ agents that could answer but are currently on the phone or ringing on behalf of another caller will be considered unavailable.
* Loose Same as Yes except Callers will remain in the Queue if there are paused agents who could become available.
* No Never have a caller leave the Queue until the Max Wait Time has expired.

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You can try it like this:
When agents log out, you can send calls to the queue in “Fail Over Destination”, then in “Queue Exit”, then send them in time conditions and decide that after closing time, when agents are no longer logged in, to divert calls to an “Announcements” with a message from closed offices.
I did a lab test and it should work.
Soon I will configure it by the customer.

I hope I was clear…

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Whats happening is your agents arent logging out or pausing. The queue thinks they are still available but they went home. Getting people to logout properly is a pain. Telling them they gotta stay until calls stop ringing…ehh…last option 2 min wait time…failover to time condition which checks if its 5. If not then back into a virtual queue with a higher priority. Which might make people out of order in the queue. None are perfect options.

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