Queues callback

I have just purchased the Queue Pro module to be able to use Queue Call Back but it is not working.

1- Is there any tech support for commercial module without the need to pay extra?
2- The queue module is no longer playing the announcement after a caller join the queue
3- The callback module is not playing announcement , so the caller is not aware of that feature unless he/she press 1 then he would hear the system reading the phone number of the caller.

I would appreciate any help to make that purchased module work.

Can you share a calltrace of a queue callback call ?


Hi Sergio,
I am gonna run a trace now

Attached is the logLogs.tgz (161.8 KB)

I attached a tgz file but it need to be renamed to txt.
Thanks for helping

I reinstalled the module for the queue and the queue pro. now I hear the announcement of the callback module but it is playing over the MOH so we can’t really hear it. it also broke(playing at the same time of the MOH) the position announcement of the queue.

Can you please help with that?

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