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Is there a way to attach a time condition to a queue?

We have a queue set up which receives internal calls. Is it possible to apply a time condition to it which would let callers know that opening hours are from 9 to 5 only? The issue is that there are some calls before 9 and after 5 that don’t get answered because there is no-one there, consequently affecting the SLA.

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Firs, you need create a time group, for example:

Next, create a time condition, and in the “time group” select the time group created, and select one “destination matches”, in your case the queue…

in the last place, edit your inbound route and select the time condition in the destination:


Thanks but…

There is no inbound route. It’s just a queue so it’s for internal use only.

Misc Application -> Time Condition -> Queue

Then transfer calls to the Misc Application

Ok, but I would need to get callers to dial a new extension number rather that the queue number they have been used to?

So change the number of the queue, then set up the Misc Application with the number they are used to.

Edit: It appears that you would have to set up a new (identical) queue with the new number, then delete the old. Or, perhaps you could use a little custom dialplan to intercept calls to the existing queue number.

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Or, you can set that is no one is logged into the queue it should jump to failover, and set the failover with a time condition. (Example: Business hours it should go to voicemail, after hours it should go to a different queue/ring group/extension)

I can’t have the extension number/feature code as the queue number.

Or am I missing something here?

See his edit.

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Thanks PitzKey, sorted!

Thanks Stewart1.

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