Queues and ringing

The basic queues on asterisk have a large defect :

When a call is pending, each agent are ringing according to the established rules. When each agent responds KO (BUSY or UNAVAILABLE) the loop restart an each agent’s pots are ringing again… is’t very hard for the neighbors!

Do you know a soluce? Is it possible to limit the loop to the busy pots and not to unavailable pots?


Try explaining yourself again - your description and message is a bit confusing to me.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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I have defined a queue with 2 static agents (pots 901, 902)

On incoming call, pots 901 is ringing, then on no response (unavailable), the pots 902 is now ringing here all is OK. But when 902 return also unavailable and if I have used the Queue(601,t,) command, the loop restart to 901which is ringing a second time… It’s very disturbing for my neighbors, because I do not want to limit the waiting duration in the queue to less than 30 minutes.

A good idea for me is to limit the loop at the busy pots cases, or to use the Queue(601,tn,) command with a means to know if there are a busy pots before to put in the queue again.

Is this clearer?

I have the the same problems: in my opinion if all the agents are busy the caller need to be redirected to failover destination not restat the loop !