Queues and feature codes

Hi there. I have a couple of questions about queues.

First off, what does the *47 Queue Callers feature code do, and how do you use it? I can’t find anything useful in the documentation.

Second, is there a way to set a BLF that tells you when the queue is empty vs when there are callers in the queue? Or, is there another easy visual way to tell if there are callers in a queue?

On a related note, is there an easy way to tell how many callers are in a queue? I was hoping that the Queue Callers feature would tell you how many callers are currently in a queue.

I know that iSymphony would take care of some of this. At the moment, iSymphony isn’t practical for this client, so I’m looking for options that use the phones.

We’re using FreePBX 12.0.68 and Yealink SIP-T26P phones.


Check out FOP2; I’m assuming “isn’t practical” means “client doesn’t have/won’t spend the money”

I don’t know about BLF though, that’s a portion of this I haven’t touched.

Hey Overkill. I appreciate the response. I’ll check out FOP2.

Money is part of it, but the main issue is space. They’ve got 2 receptionist stations at a very small window with little room. To implement something like iSymphony or FOP2, they’d need extra monitors and they just don’t have the room. Although, you’ve got me thinking about mounting a shared monitor over their heads or something.

Anyway, thanks again for the response.

Sounds like you’re on it. Keep in mind mobile devices (tablet, chromebook) that might be able to alleviate the issue.

Thanks again.

If anyone else knows what the *47 Queue Callers feature code does I’d still like to know. Or if you know how to get a BLF to light up when there’s anyone in a queue, that would be great.

There is no built in hint that will light a blf when a queue has a caller. It’s completely unnecessary anyway, because the whole point of a queue is that your agents’ phones ring when there is a caller waiting, why would they need a BLF as well? It seems likely that what you are trying to accomplish can be done a better way, perhaps you should share your goal here.

Maybe if there is a lot less agents than expected peak incoming calls (say, 2 receptionists asOP said, on the end of multiple DID / IVR categorizing putting callers into queues) and they would like to know which queue to switch to / have the ‘light’ to tell them while they still service another call?

Found that there is a BLF for calls in the queue - I’ve only tried it on a single queue, but it does work. Cant say it will work if an agent is part of multiple queues. Seems there might be a little more functionality on a Mitel/Aastra 6867 set which might allows multiple queues.

*47 *ext (for extension 201 it would be *47 *201)

If an agent knows there’s call in the queue perhaps they can get rid of a call a little sooner, or hustle things along.

I’ve found it works on Aastra/Mitel 6755, 6865, 6867

(edit: first post wasnt keeping the asterisk)