Queues and dynamic agents?

doesn’t seem to include information about dynamic agents. Is there any documentation? I have been playing and whilst it works it doesn’t seem to do quite what I expected it to, I assume that I am missing something.

I can set up a queue (500) with no static agents.

If I asign extension numbers that exist on the system as dynamic agents then I can log those extensions into the queue by dialling 500* then entering the extension number followed by# when prompted. once this is done if I dial 500 internaly the logged in phone rings.

What I don’t understand is why when I log in as an agent I have to enter the agent number which seems to have to match an extension number that has been entered as a dynamic agent.

I had assumed that I could have agent numbers (different to extension numbers)ie agents 1,2,3&4, If I was agent number 1 I would be able to go to any phone that was listed in dynamic agents for that queue and log on as agent number 1,then if a call entered the queue that I am logged in to my phone would ring, I guess in the call logs or CDR I’d expect to be able to see which agent answered the call rather whan or as well as which phone they answered it on. If this was the case then I can see the point in entering your agent number when you log on. but if your agent number has to match the extension number of the phone that you are sitting at then why do you have to enter it? am I missing something?

It seems to me that all I can do is log a phone into a queue and not really an agent in. is there a way to do this?