Queues and Commercial EPM question

I wanted to take a moment to post, and see what is the current best practice for handling queues, and queue buttons in EPM.

I have a client that used to have one queue, but now has multiple. I used to setup a BLF button for the login/out function, and pause, as follows:

Type: BLF
Value: 45%line1Ext%

For the pause button I just used: 46%line1Ext%

This always worked, but now I had two queues, and at times an agent can be part of both, or use one or the other. Also after some config rebuilds with the above, I am getting told that users are getting a ? on the Astra phones, so the buttons no longer work.

So my question is, with the current FreePBX Distro and the EPM, what is the current recommended way to handle a system with multiple queues, and how to best login the user in/out with a programmed button inside the EPM?

Any input appreciated, so I can rebuild the templates to be correct and working…

Someone has to be using queues… :slightly_smiling:

I notice that EPM has an ACD options under the defined keys, but reading the EPM docs shows nothing on that option, nor does a search turn up anything. Can anyone explain that button define option??

That option you see is because its a option whatever brand your phone you are using has as a valid option. Doesnt mean its anything we support. Just a option your phone has as a valid button option.

As far as your ? issue your value is wrong. its missing the *45. You have just 45. The feature code is *45 and ext number.

Hey Tony, and your right I did a crud job with that paste, it does say 45%line1Ext% and I guess the starting * got dropped in the prior copy and paste, sorry about that one.

That said, it sounds like your saying this should still be the correct way to make a BLF for Q in/out. The phones in question are Aastra 6737i’s, and this used to work. When I look at the MAC.cfg file in /tftpboot for one of the phones, I even see:

topsoftkey4 type: "blf"
topsoftkey4 label: "Q in/out"
topsoftkey4 value: "45%line1Ext%"
topsoftkey4 line: "1"
topsoftkey4 states: “”

The users are telling me they just get a blinking ? mark by the button, and it no longer works. Any ideas of where to look for this issue??

As a follow up, since nobody posted anymore replies, I have finally resolved the issue.

It seems that %var% is ONLY usable on older systems, anything running FPBX 12.x or 13.x with EPM needs to use __var__ instead. So if you put in %line1Ext% on a 12.x or 13.x system (13.x being the current production), the EPM will happily put this right into the .cfg file, just as you saw in my prior posting. I have both Aastra and Yealink phones, and both EPM configs had this issue. So the solution was the go through every template I had, and change everything over to __var__ (eg __line1Ext__) and then rebuild, and now it all works.

Great the wiki actually had this in it, but surprised nobody picked this up and pointed this out to me quickly. All the same I wanted to make sure anyone in the future that saw this, also was made aware that %var% is apparently no longer used, you must use the double underscore…